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  • Exp:20x, Upgrade:6x, 4 Classes, Bosses, Dungeons

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Posted by LoMAdmin - 22/07/16 02:33PM - 1/52/53/54/55/5

Hi there,

- Fixed inventory bug issue caused by Crest and Sigils item

- Removed Crest and Sigilis from Game Shop (HotKey: V) untill crests are working/fixed

- Fixed all players inventories that were bugged because the Crest and Sigils box was in their inventory

Posted by LoMAdmin - 14/03/16 01:17PM - 1/52/53/54/55/5

Hi there,

- Bounty Contents Updated (Hotkey: N)


Fate tab has increased chance to reward players:

  • - God-King random armor pieces or weapons
  • - Bless Scrolls 40-90 lvl
  • - Dharma Stone
  • - Prana


Destiny tab has chance to reward players:

  • - Fearless random armor pieces or weapons
  • - Fearless random accessories
  • - Darnbreak R5 mount set
  • - Bless Scrolls 90-140 lvl
  • - Prana
  • - Solarius Immortal (The Gold Emperor)


- Game Shop Updated (Hotkey: V)

A lot of items were removed from Game Shop

All the items removed from Game Shop can be obtained through game play from:

  • - Challenges
  • - Multi Challenges (Team and Guild Dungeons)
  • - Weekly Treasure (Weekly Dash)
  • - PvP Pagoda (use the PvP Pagoda button from User Panel, click 3 Realms, click PvP Pagoda)


- Vote Rewards Updated

Total rewards if you vote each top site every 12 hours (twice a day) will be :

  • - 24000 Taels
  • - 500040 Vouchers
  • - 1020 Vip Points

Posted by LoMAdmin - 13/03/16 11:17AM - 1/52/53/54/55/5

Hi there,

- All Immortals can be unlocked and level up

- Players can transform in all Immortals till Garuda , including Garuda

- PvP Pagoda and Marriage are now available, Players need to connect to the chinese item names version of the game, to do that they need to use the PvP Pagoda or Get Married buttons found in User Panel. 

To switch back to english item names version just click on Game Start button found in User Panel

* (right now we do not have a way to edit the item names, thats why some Services like Marriage or PvP Pagoda must be used with chinese names otherwise they will not work)

Thank you


Posted by LoMAdmin - 19/08/15 03:47PM - 1/52/53/54/55/5

Hi there,

- All Goddess are working now and can be leveled up to 100

* Some Goddess can be recruited by checking up everyday

* Some Goddess can be recruited by using specific items like cards, orbs, jewels, quartz or drills, all this items can be found in InGame Shop (HotKey: V) in 3rd category, scroll down as they are the last in the list, description for each goddess item has been upgraded so be sure to read before buying

- Bless Scrolls can stack now up to 999 


PS: Don't forget to vote everyday to gain taels, vouchers and vip points

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